Mascara! Mascara! Which is the best of them all?

Indian women have been traditionally known to put kajal or kohl in their eyes. Mascara is not the most popular makeup item in an Indian woman’s bag though it’s almost a staple in the western world.

And so, the market is flooded with a mind-boggling range of mascaras. With so many products promising volume, length, curl or the infamous “False-lash” effect, finding your perfect fit mascara can feel like an uphill task.

But, for those wanting to try this magic wand, LookAdora tips will make the task easier for you.

  • Focusing on length rather than volume gives you a more natural look.
  • For a bold and dramatic look, try the “false-lash” effect ones.
  • If you have fine lashes, try the ones which promise extra volume lifting formula

Another very important aspect to decide on is Waterproof vs Washable mascaras. Ultimately, this comes down to personal choice and lifestyle.

Think of your average day. How often do you wash your face? Do you work out daily? Do you swim often? In such situations, you have got two options. You can wear makeup that’s easy to remove and reapply your makeup afterwards. Or you can opt for a durable, waterproof mascara.

If you live in a hot climate and sweat a lot, there is actually only one viable option. Just wear a waterproof mascara, and look adorable the whole day. Using a normal washable mascara is too risky if it’s hot enough for a makeup meltdown.

If your eyelashes are fragile or fine, it’s better to avoid waterproof mascara. It would be better to go for milder washable mascaras.

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