How to Pick the Right Shade of Foundation for Indian Skin

When picking a foundation shade, you need to consider a few important points. Your actual skin tone and the undertone are key to selecting and buying your foundation. But you also need to consider whether your skin is dry or oily? When will you be mostly wearing the foundation, everyday or special occasions? Do you need SPF protection from your foundation or you will be mostly indoors? Lookadora tips – if you are going to be photographed indoors, steer clear of foundation with high SPF. For a quick understanding of the various types of foundations available, read this.


To know your undertone, you can wear a white robe, tie a white towel, and do all the song and dance the internet bloggers suggest. Or you can do a simple thumb test. Press your thumb into the skin of your décolleté or the underside of your wrist; the colour left by your thumbprint is the undertone!

Now that you have the undertone, try three consecutive shades on your skin before deciding on the right one. Try and do this in the natural light to get the best results. And of course, do not try in on the back of your hand. Use your face to colour-match with your face.


Ok, so everyone makes mistakes, albeit getting a wrong shade of your foundation is a tad irritating as you don’t know what to do with that whole bottle of colour now. But, fear not! No colour is unfixable, whether a shade deeper or a bit too light.  Mix the darker shades with your daily moisturiser to get an even and sheer foundation for daywear. If a colour is too light, then a bit of shimmer liquid and use as a highlighter.

Now that you have the perfect foundation in your hands, read on to figure out the best way to apply it for the adorable flawless look.

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