How Do I Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick For My Skin Tone?

A red lip is a classic makeup look that’s been conquering the beauty world for ages! From Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe to our very own Aishwarya Rai, the bold red lip is genuinely timeless.

So, of course, we want our very own go-to red lips to dazzle the world. But, hang on, it ain’t that simple! In the world of lipstick, there is no such thing as plain old red. When you go out shopping for your perfect red lipstick, chances are you’ll be greeted by about a hundred different shades (of red). How do you know which lipstick is perfect for you? LookAdora has got you covered!

Determine Your Skin’s Undertone

Certain red shades only flatter certain skin tones, so it’s extremely important for you to accurately assess your complexion first. For example, a bright, orange-based red lipstick may be too overwhelming against a pinkish fair complexion or a fuchsia-based colour may look unnatural on a warm olive skin.

To prevent such a makeup faux-pas, in your endeavour in choosing your perfect red, your first step should be to determine your skin’s undertone. Check the veins on your wrist. What’s the colour?

  • Blue or purple veins indicate a cool (pink) undertone.
  • Green veins indicate a warm (yellow) undertone.

Or you can do a simple thumb test. Press your thumb into the skin of your décolleté or the underside of your wrist; the colour left by your thumbprint is the undertone!

Colour Guide: The Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Sheer red lipsticks are universally flattering, so, basically, you have the freedom to wear any shade of red you want regardless of your skin tone—as long as the colour has a sheer finish. So, if you are starting out with red’s, try something with sheer finish.

But, that’s not the idea here. We want the bold and sultry rep lips, so, let’s read on.

  • Light Complexion (Fair Skin Tone) with a Cool undertone

Go for raspberry reds. Explore the blue-based red shades if you have a fair, cool-toned complexion.

  • Light Complexion (Fair Skin Tone) with a Warm undertone

Go for muted orange-reds. Be sure there’s just a hint of orange, not a vibrant glow.

  • Medium Complexion (Golden Olive Skin Tone) with a Cool undertone

Go for wine reds. These earthy, blue-based shades have a deeper undertone than true reds.

  • Medium Complexion (Golden Olive Skin Tone) with a Warm undertone

Go for brick reds. This particular shade of red beautifully blends with a bronzed complexion. Brick red is a very warm colour, which explains why it perfectly complements warm-toned olive skin tones.

  • Dark Complexion (Deep Skin Tone) with a Cool undertone

Go for vampy, brown-red lipsticks that are a darker variation on wine red.

  • Dark Complexion (Deep Skin Tone) with a Warm undertone

Go for bright, orange-based reds. These types of red lipsticks have a radiant boost of orange, such as is found in a bold scarlet. This colour may look shocking in the lipstick bullet, but it will pop out beautifully if you have a warm, deep complexion.

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