Hoops are Back with a Bang!!!

The 80s trend of hoops is back with a bang. The crazy hoops of the yesteryear has recycled itself in a bigger and more varied avatar. Of course, they are the easiest style of earrings and go with just about any look. You can wear the same pair of hoop earrings with western wear or Indian ethnic outfits. Again, they are not out-of-place in a party, or a weekend set-up. For wearing them to office, maybe we need to take second look at the hoop size, and decide. As a fashion-conscious woman, you should definitely have a pair or two (or three, if you really insist) in your jewellery box.

Here are pictures of our very own Bollywood celebrities to give you some inspiration for your hoop earrings shopping.

Try them as simple round loops, or in various geometrical shapes like rectangles and star-shapes. Also, available are multi-layered hoops, especially suited for round-faced gals. And let’s not forget the many hues of silver, golden and rose-gold.

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