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Blush! Blush! How to Blush the right colour!

From pinks to coppers, which blush shade will work best for you? We at Lookadora are here to help you find your perfect blush colour, vamanos!

Check your Skin’s Natural Undertone

Choosing a blush with an undertone that matches your own skin’s undertone is the first and most important step. A blush is supposed to mimic the way your face naturally flushes. If the undertone is off, the colour will look stark or bland and unnatural.

Blushes with a blue undertone best suit people with naturally cool-toned and pinkish skin. Blushes with a red undertone flatter complexions with more golden or warm undertones. If you’re unsure, you can always go for a shade with a more neutral undertone.

Your Blush shouldn’t be Too Dark for Your Skin complexion

The biggest mistake women often make with blush is choosing a shade much too dark for their skin. If the shade you apply is clearly visible against your complexion, you’ve gone too far.

Your blush should uplift your look by giving your face a natural glow, not stand out like your lipstick or eyeshadow. Using your blush as a part of your complexion perfecting base will help you achieve a more natural look.

Lighter complexioned people should try lighter shades of pink or peach depending on their undertones. If you have purchased a darker shade because you loved the hue, sheer it out by blending the blush with a little face powder before applying it. Darker complexions can wear almost any blush, just make sure that they are not too off your skin-tone.

If You’re Not Sure, Try a Marbled Shade or a Palette

Lots of brands offer blushes in shades which are marbled or blended with multiple colours to flatter every skin tone. If you’re a not sure about choosing just one blush shade that suits your skin tone, give these multi-shade bricks a try. The palettes are also a good place to start and experiment to find your perfect blush.

Now that you know the right shade, click here to choose the right type of blush for your skin.

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