Party Season Essentials

Tis the time to party! Even the most minimalist of makeup wearers can embrace the fun and flair that party

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Blush! Blush! How to Blush the right colour!

From pinks to coppers, which blush shade will work best for you? We at Lookadora are here to help you find your perfect blush

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Blush! Blush! How’s and What’s of Blushing right!

In recent time, blush has made a massive comeback, it has been in focus in Paris & London Fashion Week, and

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Mascara! Mascara! Which is the best of them all?

Indian women have been traditionally known to put kajal or kohl in their eyes. Mascara is not the most popular

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Hoops are Back with a Bang!!!

The 80s trend of hoops is back with a bang. The crazy hoops of the yesteryear has recycled itself in

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How to Pick the Right Shade of Foundation for Indian Skin

When picking a foundation shade, you need to consider a few important points. Your actual skin tone and the undertone are key

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