LookAdora is the new kid-on-the-block in the big world of beauty, makeup and jewellery. Makeup and jewellery has been used since time immemorial to look better, but the world has changed from the days of Cleopatra’s donkey milk baths and burnt almond eye-shadows to todays’ foundation, blush, mascaras, and of course, lipstick. Jewellery has always played a very important part in helping a woman express her individuality and personality.

In today’s world, there are endless reasons to look amazing in all your social and professional interactions. So, at LookAdora, we will help you achieve your look for formal and informal occasions. Not a hotchpotch of clashing jewelry, or worse, lipstick and eye-shadow from opposing color families.

No Lemons at LookAdora – All the makeup we suggest are the top-rated (by fashion magazines worldwide) and well-reviewed (by top bloggers) products from that line. Similarly, all the jewelry and accessories on our site are curated and one-of-a-kind to help you feel special in any event, party or office-meeting.

We also focus on providing personalized advice on creating a look for different occasions/themes. Users will be advised according to the event they are attending, their preferences and the look they are keen to achieve. This will be done via web-based interactive questionnaire and Whatspp-chat.

Your perfect look, be it for an event or an everyday look, is a few clicks away. We just need to know about yourself, the event or the setting, the outfit, and we will set you up with all the makeup and accessories you need. If it is an ongoing everyday look you want, we will help you with the appropriate makeup and subtle jewelry to accentuate the look.

Our objective at LookAdora is to help you look your best and adorable.

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